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Eh.. still here

Yeah, didn't make the December 2015 deadline right?

Instead 2 YEARS later, I've resurged back from distractions and liking Arashi again (Tsunagu won me back); it's true from the last post - I was disillusioned of Arashi's We-sound-like-chipmunks-autotune-pop, so it put me off them for a bit.. plus I can see that those I have subscribed to have disappeared in the empty abyss of the internet, or what realistically being, RL.

But I'm back baby!

And yes, Nino is still my ichiban

6 months from last post, yup still here

I was a little disillusioned by Arashi's last album (seriously, auto-tuning Ohno's voice all through out is a CRIME; granted Matsujun needs it badly but not Ohno!) so it kinda out me off the fandom for a bit.
I still love them and have LOVE album in my car blaring away, but due to worse-than-dial-up connection until that improves (not holding my breath any time soon) I'm on permanent lurker mode.
RL busy, certainly has chaged in the last 5 years. No money prevents me from any overseas travel to Japan (mortgages do that), it'll be 10 years this September though since I first stepped into Japan to live for a year! *sighs*
Let's see if I post before Dec 2015 eh? ;)

Masami singing vid

OMG! I love it!

Internally I still belive in my OTP masamiya & think that this song is perfect for Nino & Masami-chan! What? A girl can dream, can't she? Besidess, we all know Nino taught her how to play guitar when they were together,, I just think this is beautiful
After seeing Face Down preview Nino looks as scrummy-yummy as ever!

Because one pic just ain't enough..Collapse )

What Arashi song(s) lift you up?

In these times where we are all going through despair, loss, tragedy and depression we always try to find a small light or hopeful message to cling to and lift our spirits.

Someone asked me the other day why I like Arashi so much.
They say I like them because they can sing and are utterly good-looking okay that part is true but in truth I actually do listen to their music carefully and many songs are dreams-inspiring and encourages positive thought.
Messages such as "you're at a loss now but you can keep moving forward", "that you have dreams and you're not alone" and "its okay to cry.. shows courage to the world" really does pull me in and honestly makes me a lot happier .

There's a lot of Arashi songs that have similar/deeper meanings and hold messages for different people.
I love Arashi fandom and from the all the donations going on in the subbing communities I can see that others share that love - and really that is AWE-INSPIRING to see so much human spirit in this world.

In light of what's happening recently, what songs are rolling in your head to pick you back up again?

For today I feel that these songs fit:
(and in no particular order)

Mukae ni iku yo
Hatenai Sora

I have hope for Japan.
I've lived there and I have seen their spirit - they have resilience, courage, hope. They build on the team, support each other and can bring communities together to overcome adversity.

Without being too cliched I do believe it is Dark before the Dawn but Japan will rise again.

And check out arashi_on to see ways to help out the cause!

Arashi performing Lotus on Music Station

credit to SD100916 for uploading:





I know it was for Aiba's latest drama but there were too many one-shots of him and very of the others (hardly saw sho - was he even there?)
Wished there was more Nino shots.
Angles of camera was all over the place as if they couldn't decide

Dancing, or as Nino puts it 'positioning' was good

This one would satisfy any Aiba fan

Lotus PV thoughts - comparisons #1

Wow.. I'm posting - again.. and here I thought I established a pattern of posting once month to ensure that I'm still around..

Read more...Collapse )

Pikanchi Double & Gantz

I've started watching the older Arashi material; and I've gotta say that my <3 goes doki-doki more and more for our 5 wonderful idols (especially NINO-kun)

Recently finished watching Pikanchi & Pikanchi Double and couldn't help but see how similar (or fated) Nino looks in a tight leather suit.

Let the visuals aid you if you can't picture it ;o)



And technically, Gantz Nino is wearing a helmet... of sorts


**credits go to caramelbox, Refrain Subs and whoever I d/l the Gantz movie from (when I retrace my steps and find you I'll credit accordingly)

Mash Up Results

LOL - I was inspired to do this after reading arashilovezs journal entry!

Behold... My Future
  I will marry Nino.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Switzerland in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 7 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Purple Silver Colt.
  I will spend my days as a Freeter, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Whoops again.. Jan-Feb

How did it get to February already???

I was just lulling myself into a nice January month, but here comes Feb with its cheesy summer grin.. grr

Well, this will be short (compared to my other entries).
I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to+