Blip Blop Blap..

I love watching fan-subbed Jdrama & variety shows . Lived in Japan a few years ago and fell in love with it. Now based in Australia, readily available subbed shows not around :(
While its late, started listening to Arashi's latest stuff & liking it (though I like them because of MatsuJun!)
2011 - The above is still valid, but these days my ichiban has been Nino-kun yummmmmm

I love the arashi fandom subbing communities here @ LJ; its great to share, laugh and talk about similar interests with so many genki people out there :oD

Lately I've been mainly watching HnA, TSD, AnShi and VS Arashi; I use the latter as a good point of reference to watch other J-dorama shows; so far all successes.

While I actively comment on other people's journals, sadly I don't carry the same oomph-ness to keep a regular bloggy thing of my own (just cos I'm lazy I guess). But I try to blog at least once a month just to show that I'm still alive and genki :o) <33

My 2nd love is arashi-based fanfic; but mainly nino/masami, matsujun/mao and nino het stuff. So many talented authors out there; still astounds me!